Are NBA Players Required to Discuss Controversial Issues During Broadcasts?

Social media explodes with commentary

In a recent broadcast of the NBA’s In-Season Tournament final between the Lakers and Pacers, controversy arose when 76ers guard Patrick Beverley brought up the ongoing investigation surrounding Thunder guard Josh Giddey. The investigation involves allegations that Giddey had an inappropriate relationship with a minor two years ago. Beverley’s inquiry caught host Kevin Hart off guard, leading to an awkward exchange during the broadcast.

“I deflect. I’m a brand, Pat”

Upon being asked about the Giddey situation, Hart attempted to sidestep the topic, stating that he prefers to deflect and would privately share his thoughts with Beverley. However, Beverley persisted, prompting Hart to quickly change the subject to the color of the courts used in the tournament.

The NBA’s stance on player allegations

NBA commissioner Adam Silver has stated that the league will not suspend Giddey based solely on an allegation, as has been the league’s policy in the past. However, the investigation has taken a back seat while the police are involved. The girl and her family have hired lawyer Gloria Allred but have not spoken to the media. Giddey and the Thunder have remained silent on the matter.

Division among fans and players

Since the allegations emerged, Giddey has faced booing from fans at every game he has played. This has caused controversy among supporters, with some questioning why he is being allowed to continue playing while the investigations are ongoing. Silver explained during an interview that the league does not typically suspend players based solely on allegations. With an ongoing criminal investigation, the NBA must prioritize the police inquiry, and Giddey’s right to protect himself requires the involvement of the Players’ Association.


The NBA finds itself in a complicated situation with the ongoing investigation concerning Josh Giddey. While controversies and scandals often emerge in professional sports, this particular case raises questions about whether players should be expected to address such issues during game broadcasts. As the investigation continues, it remains uncertain how the league will handle Giddey’s participation and the impact it may have on his career.