Zoonicorn Gains Momentum at US Toy Fair with New Licensing Agreements

Zoonicorn, the popular preschool property, is making waves across nearly 200 countries worldwide. The brand is gearing up for the US Toy Fair, which will take place from September 30 to October 3. Zoonicorn’s master toy licensee, United Smile, is teaming up with leading licensee SRM Entertainment, Inc to showcase the brand’s extensive toy line. The first preview of the Zoonicorn toys will be held at the LA September Preview from September 18-23, followed an appearance at the New York Toy Fair.

The Zoonicorn animated series, produced Toonz Entertainment and Zoonicorn LLC, has been well-received and is currently in its second season, with a third season already in development. J’net Smith of All Art Licensing heads the global licensing efforts for Zoonicorn.

SRM Entertainment, Inc has expanded its Zoonicorn branded products under its Sip With Me children’s cup line, with plans to introduce new Zoonicorn branded tumbler sizes and backpacks. Another licensee, Jay@Play, will be launching a range of Zoonicorn products as part of its Happy Nappers line. These sleep products will complement the dreamland setting of the Zoonicorn series.

Storypod is also joining the Zoonicorn family as a licensee, offering a Zoonicorn Craftie with three original audio stories and 11 songs. Their Craftys are adorable yarn characters that engage children with multi-sensory stories and songs. In addition, Big Events has signed on as a licensee to produce inflatable and parade balloons featuring Zoonicorn for the North American and Latin American markets.

The Zoonicorn series focuses on teaching young animals important social-emotional skills such as optimism and resilience. The Zoonicorns guide each dreamer through fun adventures, empowering them to develop self-confidence and decision-making skills. The show is headed show runner and lead writer/editor Mark Zaslove, with Emmy Award-winning composer Rich Dickerson creating the music.

With its expanding licensing agreements and successful animated series, Zoonicorn is poised for continued growth and success in the preschool market.

1. Licensing agreements: Contracts that grant the right to manufacture and sell products using a specific brand or intellectual property.
2. Toy Fair: An annual trade show where toy manufacturers showcase their products to potential buyers.
3. Licensee: A company that has acquired the rights to produce and sell products using a specific brand or intellectual property.

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